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WATCH’ Your Language – A refinement programme on Voice and Accent

Yes, agree that you are proficient in grammar and know how to speak English well. Is that all you require to impress another in this aggressive world? The answer is NO. An extra bit of refined talking style with the right pronunciation, enhanced vocabulary and neutral accent will take you extra-miles in your search of success.

Well, it is a dreaded fact that thousands of candidates across the country are being rejected stating one reason – MTI -Mother Tongue Influence!

WATCH Your Language helps to refine the way you speak English. You will learn Phonetics (The Study of Sounds) which will help you to pronounce precisely, which effectively teaches you to identify the Mother Tongue Influence in your speaking and to correct them.

The 5 day programme covers:


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  • Phonetics
  • Tenses
  • Subject-Verb Agreement
  • Articles
  • Rules in British English
  • Indianisms
  • Consonant Sounds
  • Vowel Sounds
  • Syllables and Word-Stress
  • Intonation
  • Listening Skills
  • British English Differences
  • Vocabulary Enhancement


At the end of the workshop, students will take home finer techniques to avoid MTI, a developed vocabulary and sophisticated language-speaking skills.
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