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Training Need Analysis 

The purpose of conducting a Training needs assessment is to validate the hypothetical judgment with actual training needs to ensure that solution addresses the most needed subjects, and effectively focus on the appropriate resources, time and effort toward targeted solutions. Training need assessment is to identify the gap between the model situation and the actual situation and the way in which it can be bridged. The recommendations at the conclusion of this report detail various actions aimed at providing support in different ways to those with the greatest need. As the gaps are identified, they are evaluated to determine the manner in which the gaps can be bridged.

TNA Objectives And Methodology

Training Need Analysis aimed to identify:

  • To determine the areas in which training is needed
  • What are the gaps between what is required and what exists?
  • To determine desired training outcomes
  • To provide a basis of monitoring and evaluation


The objectives were then to:

  • Analyse the collected data.
  • Prepare a report detailing findings, recommendations and conclusions.
  • Communicate findings to the management.
  • Facilitate desired outcomes.

TNA Approach

levels of evaluation