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Positive Parenting 

Program Content And Components

  • Make Parenting/Mentoring more rewarding effective and fun.
  • Gives you more confidence in your parenting/mentoring and gives you better relationship
    with your children
  •  Know how to cope with the new competitive world your kid/student is growing in
  •  What to do when children misbehave
  •  Teens – know how to manage – how to bring the best in them
  • This Parenting workshop equips you with essential parenting skills to raise   a healthy, happy and responsible child who can enrich the family as well as the society with their positive contributions.

School/College is the best place for children to learn and what they learn there is critical for laying a strong foundation for a lifetime of learning. Parenting should be more happening in schools and contrary to popular belief, parenting is not intuitive. Parents and teachers habitually lecture and make demands. Children often or sometimes respond by resisting or rebelling. It is important for adults to recognise and appreciate the ways that their child is “smart”, as different kinds of intelligence allow different people to direct outstanding movies, write great books, or even create world history. This very beneficial course discusses how to ensure that there is an open line of communication between parents and teachers. This promotes a consistent and continuous learning environment from school to home, which can benefit the child.

At YourWing, we have formulated a customized and very interactive session for Parents and Teachers on how effective to relate with a child/student. The course elaborately discusses tried and tested strategies on how well you can take time to understand your child and make difference in his/her life. Whether you’re dealing with a toddler tantrum or an eye-rolling teen, YourWing’s Positive Parenting programme gives you the strategies to address just about any misbehaviour that comes your way. Parenting stress will be replaced with parenting peace. Feel the difference when you are confident in mentoring or raising a child/ student who listen, who willingly contribute to household and academic responsibilities and are accountable for their behaviour.  YourWing aims to help parents develop a safe, nurturing environment and promote positive, caring relationships with their children, and to develop effective, non-violent strategies for promoting children’s development and dealing with common childhood behaviour problems and developmental issues. 

Target Group

All parents/teachers interested in parenting education and information about promoting their child’s development, or with specific concerns about their child’s/ student’s development or behaviour.